Tantra Massage For Women

The Tantric Massage for Women is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience that awakens your sensitivity, sensuality, energy, and increases your capacity to experience more pleasure.

In the Tantric Massage the erotic energy is awakened in a controlled way. The erotic energy is spread in the body and used as a way to heal the body, mind and soul. Instead of losing energy through ejaculation and explosive orgasms, you will learn to control, circulate and raise the erotic energy to experience even higher states of pleasure and be fully energized and satisfied on all levels.

Through learning to control your sexual energy, by means of tantric massage; the woman will become more feminine, happy, radiant, self confident, sensual, erotic, relaxed, open, beautiful, uninhibited and free.

The Tantric erotic massage is a beautiful, sensual and intimate experience; it is a full body, body to body oil massage. Discover a beauty and ecstasy beyond imagination!

The tantric massage has a relaxing effect that can last for days, it also awakens a lot of energy and a very special feeling in the heart.

  • Sensual Massage
  • Yoni Massage
  • Healing Massage
  • Exfoliating Scrub - Add-on

Sensual Massage

If you have ever had any kind of massage, you will know how quickly it can help you to relax and move away from the stresses and strains of the day. Although, a sensual massage will also help you to relax, it is specifically designed to awaken all your senses and put you back in touch with your body and the part it plays in your erotic thoughts and feelings. In fact, sensual massage is a very intimate art that has been practiced by many for thousands of years and it is now growing in popularity in the West.

Sensual massage not only makes use of the different points on your body that help to stimulate the erogenous zones, it also allows the masseuse to skillfully use shiatsu pressure points. These points are specifically located in the body and applying pressure to them allows your masseuse to control the flow of energy in the body.

Controlling the flow of energy allows you to experience your erotic session with just the right sensory input designed especially for you. Sensual massage not only takes account of the way your body responds to the physical touch, but it also helps to enhance your spiritual nature and can transport you into a realm of perfect union and peace.

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Yoni Massage

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. It literally means "Divine Passage" or "Sacred Temple." Yoni massage is the ritual of honouring and healing this part of the body.

Outer and inner lips, clitoral hood and clitoris are all sensually massaged. Slowly and carefully a finger is then inserted into the yoni. Massaging North, South, East and West, varying the depth, speed, and pressure this is a massage which will nurture, honour and relax both you and your yoni.

Yoni massage will often bring more sensitivity and aliveness to the female G-Spot, and lead to the amazing experience of female ejaculation, which releases Amrita, the sacred feminine waters. Through this sacred ritual, you will learn to release old beliefs that are keeping you from your full sexual enjoyment and full potential as a lover .

Although the Yoni massage can be extremely stimulating, the purpose is not to bring the woman to orgasm. Rather, it is to relax the receiver and to bring emotions to the surface so that she is free to express her natural, powerful, orgasmic nature. The experiences and feelings that a woman may have during the Yoni massage can be very different, ranging from anger, lust, sadness, or even indifference. Everything is possible and everything is allowed. The Yoni massage is not about focusing on a special kind of feeling or fulfilling a particular expectation. The idea is simply to witness the receiver and to honour and respect her feminine nature as a divine Goddess.

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Healing Massage

An aspect of Tantra is about us having the experience of touch. That profound contact with every thing, including the universe, without mental commotion. Everything begins right here - touching life, touching the universe deeply. When you touch deeply, you no longer need to let go. You simply do. And in that moment, healing begins. Be your total, pure and Divine Self - embrace the divinity of others, and make all your relationships sacred.

Sacred Tantric Healing Massage is a healing experience offered which acknowledges the wholeness that we are spiritual, psychological, emotional and sensual beings. It is transcending and healing; guiding us to see ourselves as sacred and divine. The healing power of these massages works with energy that allows us to touch both the body and emotions and clears blockages through the energy channels. Our divine being is healed, worshiped, stimulated and awakened combining spiritual, psychological and sensual energy.

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Exfoliating Scrub - Add-on

You will have an option to further spoil yourself by taking our herb and plants-based exfoliating treatment which removes dead skin cells from the body using a unique blend of botanicals organic aroma oil.

This treatment is a full body exfoliation using pure salt and hydrating oil, which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Following a light body brushing, the scrub is applied all over the body. Your skin is deeply cleansed and polished to total perfection. The treatment is completed with an application a warmed body lotion

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  • Please pass my compliments to Siva. He was wonderful, absolutely wonderful, I will definitely be booking another session!

    - Sandra, UK

  • I will definately be back for more on my next trip back to the UK

    - Juile, New York

  • I wanted to write and tell you that my 90 minute tantric massage with your therapist this afternoon was sublime. My time with him was wonderful. Thanks.

    - Louise, UK

  • Many many times before I try to know about it. For me, the experience, not the knowledge finally allow me the pleasure. I feel adored throughout

    - Jacky, UK


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